Personal Development, Carrier, Emotional - Physical - Spiritual Wellbeing

Awareness, Problem Solving, Focus, Empowerment, Stress Relief, Relaxation Techniques, Pain Relief, Good Sleep


Table Tennis, Tennis, and Fitness Coaching



is unlike any other coaching around and often go beyond the limits you thought you had. I can tell you though that achieving outstanding results require commitment and perseverance. My work ethic, knowledge, ability to sense and understand, and developing a winning game plan with specific strategies set my coaching program apart from others.

My goal is to inspire you to overcome your personal challenges from health, career, business, money and relationships. To provide objectivity and specific frameworks to bring awareness, empowerment and positive changes. We will discuss matters in depth, explore objectives, and set goals. Then, along with the proper support, motivation and guidance; you will realize the power of a culture of excellence and positiveness while achieving your set goals. 

If you want to take your life to the next level,


 Your first 30 minutes initial phone consultation is FREE! 

During such time, we will discuss your personal wish. We will determine if my coaching is for you and how I can best support you in your journey. 








General Business Management, Analysis, and Development

Profitability Planning - Community Development

Website and Online Content - Social Medias and Videos

Product Development - Nutrition Analysis 

Promotion - Publishing



Based on Experiences and my Abilities to

Listen, Observe, and Understand Needs

Establish Plans and Goals

Bring Change through Appropriate Focus and Actions

Track Progress and Provide Strategies to Overcoming Obstacles

Inspire Winning Attitude while Bringing Compassion within your Mission


Your Mission is my Consulting Mission! 

Let's connect and evaluate together what needs to change in order to maximize your business full potential and finally reach desired results. 

Just as becoming a world-class athlete, your business needs the experience, positive support, objective perspective and insight of a world-class coach. 

I, Marie-Annick, want to help you to succeed 

and look forward meeting you soon!  


My Coaching Mission


At the heart of my coaching mission is my commitment to be 

trustworthy, respectful, loving, and to bring sustainable solutions

 that lead to a global conscious healthy way of life. 

It is my intention to awaken your spirit, to empower you through proper focus and actions, to facilitate your transformation, to encourage your wellness, to bring balance to every aspect of your life, and to help you achieve a relaxed state of mind that you can rely on when stress arises.  To bring such healthy lifestyle and wellness in your life, I utilize my "3M Method" and techniques that I have practiced myself for decades. Join our growing family and let me help you to  

Master Your Mind, Mind Your Body, and Mend Your Heart!

Many people have already benefited from this method,

I want you to be next!   


Coaching Fact

There seems to be a debate on how to establish 

who is a good coach or mentor?

Let me say, I had many coaches and mentors in my life. From doctors, psychologists, Buddhist masters, achievement specialists, sports trainers, relaxation experts to specific professional coaches. What always brought results to me was when the coach listened, understood me, worked well with me, and guided me respectfully toward the things that I needed to do to achieve my goals. Interesting enough, it was not always the most scholar nor the most expensive one who helped me. Some people sense better things than others and can better navigate you through trouble waters. Some people have life experiences that taught them way more than a college degree could. What ultimately matters is moving in the right direction and enjoying the results!

Learning is source of life, never stop searching for growth! 

Coach Marie-Annick