Marie-Annick, you represent the best -- Those who know the real connections and what they mean to our inner spirits. Wishing you and your beloved a wonderful waltz through the rest of this lifetime 

and in the dimension of the universe. Fifi Chao

Gary and I really enjoyed our conversation over breakfast. 

I love your book and already re-stocking my pantry. Marcia Madere.

Marie-Annick is a multi-talented and multi-skilled instructor. Her wide range background as well as her writing and organization skills are superb. I take pride in recommending this professional 

or any instructional program in the culinary field. Judy L. Gilleland

Marie-Annick is a multi-talented and multi-skilled instructor. Her wide range background as well as her writing 

and organization skills are superb. I take pride in recommending this professional for any 

instructional program in the culinary field. Judy L. Gilleland

Marie-Annick was a remarkeable coordinator for our tennis program and events. 

A talented  tennis professional and teacher that I highly recommend. Michael Zausner, Murietta Tennis Director

Dear Marie-Annick, on behalf of all of us at Kid Healthy, thank you very much for your 3 years participation in the Cooking Up Change Competition. From 2012 to 2014, we were extremely grateful for your support and the vital role you played in helping us create successful events. Thank you also for investing in the nonprofits that we serve with your generous time, books and gift basket donations. 

Daniel J. McQuaid, Linda Luna-Franks, Jackie Teichmann 

Coach Marie-Annick, I wanted to thank you for your time and dedication. Appreciated all your tips 

and advices and learned a lot from you. Thank you! Cecilia Magana  

Coach Marie-Annnick, Over the course of CUC Competition, I have learned many things from you. I wanted to thank you for all the advice and tips that you gave us. If it wasn't for you, 

I would have not learned so many things. Carlos Ortiz  

Coach Marie-Annick, Thank you for the awesome books 

and all you have done for Valley High School! Monica Aguilar , Teacher

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Coach Marie-Annick, 

for being there for me and my partners. Cesar Amezcua 

Chef Marie, your buffet was amazing and we all agreed, 

your cookies are the best in the world! Devin Wosencraft - Farmers Insurance  

A sincere note to my distinguished Guest-Of-Honor, Chef Marie. Truly appreciate the great moments of food and fun, epicurean demonstration of French culinary artistry, true spirits of friendship and sharing, selfless contribution to our communal and societal philanthropy. In an hour of PBS's video casting, 

I could have only describe nothing but jubilance and convergence of passion of love and food. 

What a divine conviviality with your presence! Thank you Chef Marie. Kum Ng  

Coach Marie-Annick, I appreciate all you have done for me. 

You are a great teacher and an amazing Chef. With much respect. Susan Maleg  

Coach Marie-Annick, your healthy cooking lessons and Cooking Well Cookbook series are just awesome! Jenn, CA 

 I  am a Personal Chef certified by Chef Marie. I had the privilege to hang out with her in the kitchen while she prepared healthy meals. She is AMAZING! She is a great teacher, artist, and a very passionate woman. I am proud to have worked alongside of her and to call her my friend! Donna Vittorio, Fitness Trainer


Thank you for the wonderful wine tasting event you put for our company. 

We all had a great time and you had an effect on at least one previous non-wine drinker 

who is now occasionally indulging! Mrs. Karina Van Driel - McDermott, Will and Emery  

Thank you so much for the exquisite healthy meals and services you provided us. The menus have always been varied, nourishing, and flavorful. Reverand James Overend - Parochial Vicar St. Vincent de Paul 


Thank you for your wonderful contribution to my wedding day. 

The food was exquisite, healthy, and the chocolates were the best I have ever tasted. 

Everyone raved about you, especially the Mayor of Newport Beach and his wife. It was a pleasure working with you and I know that we will work together again soon. Mr. & Mrs. Robin and Phillip Lugar  

Marie-Annick has been our private Chef for over 5 years. She has consistently prepared excellent and healthy meals for both small and large groups of people. Without exception her preparation, presentation, and quality of foods have been superb. I highly recommend her as a top notch professional who meets the needs of her clients through her wonderful and varied culinary skills. Father Jerome T. Karcher - St. Vincent de Paul  

Thank you so much, Chef Marie,  for all the work you did. We received nothing but praises for your beautiful buffet. Our Christmas party turned out to be splendid and everything you served was delicious. 

Outstanding services!  Mrs. Louise Husak  

Thank you for the wonderful and memorable evening you presented on our New Year Eve dinner. 

Our guests were very complimentary of all the delicious hors d'oeuvres, the fabulous entrees and, of course, the sumptuous desserts. Your presentation, your service and everything else were just so perfect. 

You really made this day a wonderful occasion, Chef Marie. Mr. & Mrs. Pressley Peterbilt 


Thank you for all the hard work, attention to details, and the contributions you made for our party. 

The food was fantastic. The party was a huge success. Everyone had a great time and they were so complimentary of the presentation, food, music and decoration. We could have never done this without your help and input, 

Chef Marie. A heartfelt thanks from us all. Anna Jablon

I completed Marie-Annick's Personal Healthy Chef Program and I am so glad that I took it. Most recently, I’ve been giving talks on healthy snacking to children and I am finding that it complements my cooking schedule. It’s a nice complement to the work I do in the kitchen. I just wanted to say thank you, Chef Marie! Lissa Leon  

Being a Certified Personal Healthy Chef by Chef Marie has given me the career of my dreams. I help people become healthy and make great lifestyle choices. Today, I make my own schedule, earn more money than I ever have, and help dozens of people each week. It's awesome and I am grateful! Kelley Mathews 

Chef Marie-Annick has been so gracious to be our guest Chef at Premium Gold Flax Products booth at various Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco and New York, plus at the Natural Product Expo West in Anaheim. Marie has worked many other events with us as well. She is a true professional that carries out her duties with great ease and with a stealthiness that is required at these trade shows. She is a whiz and we are proud to have her as a friend as well. Not often will a Chef dawn an apron and she did for Debbie Kay's Gluten Free Kitchen. 

A Country hats off to Chef Marie!  Deborah Kay Miller, ND  

Marie-Annick provided us with a great in-depth analysis of our business. She was very instrumental in the improvement of our menu, healthier recipes and customers' relationships. She made great business recommendations that proved to be right on. C. Curs, Crispa Crepes Owner  

The Saint-Tropez Diet is “A superb blend of the best new science and great lifestyle.” Henry S. Lodge, M.D 

and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University 


The Saint-Tropez Diet presents a delightful recipe for healthy living, as well as delicious recipes 

for heart-healthy meals. Michael P. Cecil, M.D., F.A.C.C., Cardiologist  

Marie-Annick is a remarkably talented and powerful leader in the health and lifestyle industry. Andrew Flach, N.Y. 

Coach Marie-Annick, thank you so much. I was and have been so stressed and scared. I was losing my hope 

and you came through and really made me feel much less alone in my health and life battle. 

Thank you so very much. Sandra Mallut, CA 

Marie-Annick, thank you so much for the wonderful meals. Not only you got us healthy but you helped us saved our marriage with your amazing coaching! We can never thank you enough. Steve and Tina Fodor, CA  

Marie-Annick, because of your beautiful words and your commitment, my friend is living! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Robin Eisenberg Grosmark, CA

Thank you so much, Marie-Annick, for speaking at our M.S. Group. The girls enjoyed your life coaching talk 

and starting to look at food and lifestyle in a healthier way. Tabitha Evans, Organizer, CA  

Marie-Annick, you carried me through my crushing pain, my devastation, my horrific tragedy and you were so readily available to talk to me on the phone, if I needed to when I was having my panic attacks.  You are truly an inspiration.  You have to a point saved my life and when I am 90 years old I will still be talking about you and all you taught me.  I know you can teach me so much more.  Your wisdom is present in every sentence in your writings. All I can say is that I am very lucky that our paths crossed.  I know it was not coincidence but God connecting us for an amazing purpose which was to save my life. Rhina Parades, CA 

Coach Marie-Annick, we would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation that was not only helpful, 

but also amusing. It was a very enjoyable evening, and we can all benefit 

from your healthy suggestions. Executive Women International, Ca.  

Terrific and valuable information in Coach Marie-Annick’s Healthy Chef Seminar. 

A must for those who want to change their health and life for the better! R. Johnson  

The information we got from Coach Marie-Annick’s seminar was priceless! Now I can offer healthy suggestions 

and prepare food that my whole family will relish without guilt. Thank you. Christine Lapidus  

Chef Marie-Annick’s recipes will open your eyes to how easy and fun it can be to maintain a balanced diet. 

With the fresh, healthy ingredients in her appetizing meals, you will provide your body with the nutrients 

it needs to keep you healthy. Vincent F. Macaluso, MD  

Chef Marie’s Healthy Chef Program was the perfect complement to my wellness business. Jessica Goldstein


With a truly comprehensive approach to fine dining and devotion to the health and longevity of her clients, colleagues and students, Coach Marie is the ideal culinary and nutrition expert for patients 

at The Park Avenue Diet Center. Stuart Fisher, MD  

Loved your Personal Healthy Chef Program, let me know when you have your next 

"live" seminar and I will be there! Yvette Onofre  

No one could see my despair nor hear my cry for help. I was lost in my pain and no longer could see a reason to live. But then you, Marie appeared from nowhere to give me hope. You listened and comforted me. You show me the way to get me out of my misery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Ann N.  

Dear Marie-Annick, do you remember how your gentile smile caught my eyes at the airport? Do you remember how strangely we ended up sitting next to each other in the airplane? I certainly do, as you have changed my life that day. I can never thank you enough for being there for me in my darkest moment. Today, I have realized that our miraculous encounter was the starting point of my healing. I want you to know I am doing great and my marriage is strong again. One last thing, contrary to what you think, you are an angel who can fly! Agnes D.

Marie-Annick’s culinary and nutrition knowledge are quite remarkable. Her abilities to immediately sense and diagnose restaurants issues impressed me as much as her plan of actions to bring quick positive changes. She often brings unique perspectives, is well-organized, and easy going. Her passion instills others to work together for the greater good. I highly recommend Coach Marie. Phyllis Marshall, Food Power Owner

Marie-Annick has worked for almost 14 years with Nesta. The breath of her knowledge and experience has nothing short of incredible. She created a culinary educational program that we marketed to fitness and wellness professionals. That program has been well received from a wide array of students around the world. Students felt an immediate connection with her. Her passion for healthy eating, food in general, and people, allowed the students to thrive and use their newfound knowledge in a way which served them best. 

I highly recommend Coach Marie for any of her services. John Spencer Ellis, Owner

In numerous occasions, I attended Coach Marie-Annick's classes and was very impressed by the depth of her knowledge and extensive experience in the field of nutrition, wellness and culinary. She presented her teaching materials in a simple, well-organized, and easy to understand fashion, bringing to students in her classes many enjoyable 

and delightful moments and learning experiences. I have witnessed her high level of competency 

and compassion in her lectures as well. I recommend her wholeheartedly to any individual 

and business establishment. Jeanny Luong, Excel Realty Owner